Sunday, November 1, 2009

Victoria and I

It's funny how we go through life and think no one could possibly be feeling or thinking what we are and then we run across someone who has something in common with us and we're reminded again of how close-knit the whole human community really is. That happened to me this week while reading an article about Victoria Beckham.

Now you're probably wondering what I could possibly have in common with Victoria Beckham. Well I would have agreed with you a week ago. And other than the fact that we each have 3 boys, there doesn’t seem to be much. She's young and I'm not. She's beautiful and I'm not. She has musical and design talent and I don't. She's married to David Beckham and...well you know the rest. So imagine my surprise when I found out she likes to listen to the 40's channel on XM Radio. Frankly, I don't know anybody in my real life who listens to that station except my husband.

In the interview she goes on to explain what a complete slob she is and how the most important things in her life are her husband and her children. For some reason, we mere mortals never stop to think that the rich and famous are; underneath it all just like us. They have the same hopes and fears for themselves and their children. They love their parents and their pets. They are neat or messy. They cry and they laugh.

So the next time you're reading about that "Celebrity" who seems to have everything, remember that they have more in common with you than not. And that goes for all the people around the world. Whether they live in the lap of luxury or in a refugee camp somewhere, take a few minutes and think about the billions of people with whom we share our planet and wish them all the best of luck and happiness.

And, by the way. Victoria Beckham, if you actually read this little missive I apologize for thinking you look grim all the time...turns out you don't photograph as well as you should. Just like me.

Another week has gone by and I've another great site called Lucky Girl Blog Design. Not only does she design blogs for other people but her post are both whimsical and heart warming. Check out what she has to say this week about getting a new nephew from Ethiopia.

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  1. Hi Nancy, I thought that was your photo at top. Just wanted to say I visited My Idea Center, WOW! What a sale! How long will this sale be lasting? And it is getting so hard to find Donna Dewberry books at Michael's or anywhere, looks like you have the complete library on your site, awesome!