Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome To Thee

This is my first attempt at blogging and I'm doing it as an experiment in social networking. Just last week I bought my first business and want to see if artists and tole painters are interested in sharing their ideas about their art form.

But first, a little about me. I'm not an artist myself. I fell into this art form while working for the company that previously owned my business. Oh yes...I just violated the first rule of blogging. Mention your product/service early and often. Well here it is folks...the site I know proudly own is I sell discounted painting and tole painting books. If you're interested in you can visit me at my website.


I am in the process of updating the book selection and making it easier to find books so be patient. I also want comments/ideas from anyone who has them (seriously).

Now back to me. I have a BA in Liberal Arts, 3 children, 1 husband, 3 dogs and two jobs. Clearly I don't sleep much which is fine since I'm almost 50 and don't sleep well anyway. In fact, it's pretty darn late where I am so I think I'll head off to bed and catch a few ZZZ's. Wish luck I might even find someone to post a comment.