Sunday, September 20, 2009

The New Technology Blues

As many of you know, I'm new to this whole "Blogging" thing. As someone who started her working life on an IBM Selectric, I sometimes feel like my Grandparents must have felt when they were my age. I specifically remember asking my Grandmother about the first talking movies. I was amused when she told me that at first she didn't like them...they were too loud. She eventually learned to love movies, the radio and television but I wonder how long it took to get used to each new media?

My Grandmother died in 1993 and I wonder how she would feel about all the technological advances we've experienced in the last 2 decades. I wonder if she'd think that computers were "too loud." That's certainly how I feel sometimes when I'm zipping around from webpage to blog to ecommerce site. It seems like every other site has music and almost all of them have pop-ups that vie with everything else on the page.

I guess it's like all new technologies from electric lights to cell phones. In the beginning it's hard to get used to it. It's "Too Loud" or too confusing, but then you get used to it and even depend on it for all your information. I used to be annoyed by music on a page but I've learned to love the noise that other people make. And every once in awhile I even learn something new.

One new thing I've found this week is Sweet Little Memories, a delightful blog with many different crafts and craft ideas. She has a great post about home-made soap that will make you wish that you could smell through your computer too. Who knows that may be down the road eventually.

Fall is in the air and the days are getting shorter so now is the perfect time to get back into the painting and creating mode. I've recently added some new books to MyIdeaCenter so stop by for a visit and see what's new and exciting.

Have a safe and joyful week.

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